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Holiday adventure in Phuket

I’ve been to Phuket before but it was a very ‘introductory’ holiday. In the previous holiday, we did the typical stuff, such as staying on Patong Beach and lingered within the area only. Thai food, thai massages, lazing by the pool and on the beach. I figured this time round, I should make an attempt to explore more around Phuket since we were renting a car.

It was definitely worthwhile!

Picked up our Honda Jazz from a pretty reliable company, Andaman Car Rent (website link) and headed towards our accommodation, Vijitt Resort & Spa (TripAdvisor link).
Honestly, I’ve missed having villa vibes in Bali, so I was desperately hunting for something similar… Although Phuket’s villa scene is practically non existent for the budget friendly section, Vijitt is not bad. Except it’s located on the east side of Phuket, rather than the popular west side (where Patong Beach faces).


I’m loving the pool section so far. We booked the beachfront villa and it happened to be right next to the pool, which is pretty convenient when we head for breakfast. I think the service in this resort is impeccable. Staff are friendly and we were treated like some sort of royalty. Beachfront villas may be inconvenient because the lobby and carpark is located quite far off and requires some hiking. Fret not though, because buggy services are everywhere. We didn’t really have to hike up the hill ourselves.

Our villa!


Now that we have a car, any destination within this island is no problem. Like I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to explore more of scenic Phuket (outside of Patong Beach) and so naturally one of the places I was eyeing was Phromthep Cape (Google Maps). It is the most southernly tip of Phuket and one of the most popular places to view the sunset.


The whole area is super photogenic, but you should also exercise caution. Even though it may not look like it from the photos, some of the ground and rocks are unstable or slippery so stay alert.



Trying to get a nice photo but instead look like I’m slipping and struggling. So unglam. Haha! Followed further along the road to Windmill Viewpoint (Google Maps) which was a pretty nice place to get a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea!


We drove past here again another time but during sunset, and wow… Phuket sunsets are pretty amazing, especially when you’re on top of a hill.


Heading back in the direction of our resort comes Rawai Seafood Market which has some nice seafood restaurants along the coast. There were so many and I honestly forgot which one we opted for. The food was so-so but the vibes were enjoyable.


Another place we visited was the Big Buddha (Google Maps) which is also perched on the peak of Mt. Nagakerd. It is something you can definitely see from boat rides from Phuket because it’s so high up, and so big! I remember noticing this structure when we were heading off to a dive site and was like, “Wait, what is that?!”


Coincidentally we came here on Vesak Day. We wanted to have dinner with a nice view. After googling for a bit, we found this hidden gem called After Beach (Google Maps) and the atmosphere was pure bliss.


It took a while to drive up to this place because it was pretty hidden inside. Winding road, deep forest, I was beginning to question Google Maps haha. Driving back out during night time was freakier. But worth it.


The food was quite pleasant, not like the best I ever had but it was not bad. Definitely here for the views and that didn’t disappoint at all. Stayed here all the way til 9pm. The vibes were just too good. It got kinda breezy and a little cold for me and so we ordered hot drinks and just chitchatted throughout the night.

We also checked out the Talad Kaset Night Market (Google Maps) which is a little far off but the choice of food is overwhelming. The market is packed and and has so much going on, it’s like a visual feast for the eyes!!


We were certified in April 2015 and so this trip in May 2015 was our first ever fun dive! Unfortunately, this is off season for Phuket and so the good dive sites are closed off. We went with Andy’s Scuba Diving (website link) and we were taken care of very well. It felt awesome to not have to care about changing our own cylinders HAHAHA (keep in mind, this is our first fun dive…) Our guide, Clive, was exceptional. He was very passionate about what he does, and his enthusiasm still remains after years and years of diving in Phuket. Great guy!


We didn’t see much during this trip but I was fine, I just needed some practice. Standards are still low. Next time, I’ll be back for Similan Islands. Someday ok!

If you are running out of activities to do in Phuket, maybe you might be interested in Phuket Shooting Range (Google Maps). I sort of love guns and I find them super entertaining! (This sounds wrong) But eyyyy at least you can add shooting to your list of activities completed in Phuket!


Gotta give props to Vijitt for making us feel so at home. I am so in love with the bathroom AND THE WINDOW VIEWS.


Thanks for the awesome holiday, Phuket! Always a pleasure. x


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