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8 reasons why trekking in East Java is awesome

The experience of hiking Indonesia’s Mt. Bromo and Ijen Crater was nothing short of amazing. Surabaya is just a 2 hour flight away from Singapore which makes it such an easy trip to do without sacrificing too many off-days and leave from work. So let me ~try~ and convince you to consider this awesome hiking destination! 🙂


#1: Alien planet feel


Climbing down Ijen crater to see the famous ‘Blue Fire’ will make you feel like you’re on a different planet!

#2: Dramatic view of the mountains


When the sun rises, it casts a beautiful light over the already dramaaaatic group of mountains (Mt. Bromo, Mt. Semeru and Mt. Batok). And you know the wait and ungodly hours were worth it.

#3: The beautiful Milky Way and starry skies


MILKY WAY!!!!! C’mon!!!! Starry skies! Yay! I was looking forward to this, because it is definitely not easy to spot it with our naked eyes from a light-polluted city. With Mt. Bromo area situated around ~2,000 metres above sea level, we sort of had a complete view of the whole starry night sky. The experience was breathtaking (and we don’t need to fly to Aus or NZ for this!)

#4: Ride in Jeeps and on ponies!

eastjava-15You get to ride around the ‘Sea of Sand’ and Mt. Bromo area in a Jeep (and see like hundreds and hundreds of them during peak hours) and take ~hipster~ photos.

eastjava-13And ride on ponies up Mt. Bromo too!

#5: Hiking above the clouds

eastjava-31Trekking up to Ijen volcano may begin at midnight, but that means you get to hike above the clouds under a very beautiful starry night.

#6: Beautiful sunrise and paddle-pop skies

eastjava-16eastjava-11And then you will be greeted with one of the most beautiful sunrises. Check out the tiny humans along the crater rim! I felt so miniscule.

#7: Witness the largest acidic lake in the world


Inside the volcano lies a beautiful 1km wide turquoise acidic lake. The yellowish part of the photo is where the ‘Blue Fire’ appears before dawn, and where the sulphur operations are. Once again, look at those tiny hikers!

#8: The ability to fully immerse yourself in nature’s beauty


Beautiful acidic lake. Massive crater rims. Hiking an active volcano. Peaceful sound of nothing but the wind. Be it a solo trip or an adventure with your friends, trekking in East Java is pure eye candy that heals the soul.

2 comments on “8 reasons why trekking in East Java is awesome

  1. zakiya motala

    Hi. I’m 62 year old lady generally fit and healthy. I would like to do Mount bromo and Ljen in Indonesia, but am worried about altitude sickness. I normally do experience motion sickness on bumpy roads, so I’m worried about this too. In your opinion will it be advisable for me to go to these places? Another thing, i have sensitive eyes, so I’m not sure about the sulphur
    Thank you


    • Hi, I’m so sorry for the extremely late reply. I think I might be too late but just in case you still needed to know: you should probably take the altitude sickness pills that they prescribe in clinics/over the counter because I am pretty prone to altitude sickness too. I took the pills, but I still experienced a little shortness of breath whilst climbing up Ijen. Did not feel anything at all in Bromo, actually.

      I also took Novomin (stronger than other normal motion sickness pills, but causes drowsiness) for the road trips because they can be up to 6 hours long and that’s too crazy for me. The roads are in fact super bumpy and windy, and the crazy driving nature doesn’t help either. I’m warning you, they drive LIKE CRAZY!

      Regarding the sulphur fumes, I wasn’t very near them and I didn’t get engulfed in the smokes so I didn’t have a horrible experience but I see some other friends bringing an actual gas mask to protect themselves. Maybe if you’re worried about that, this might help.


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