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Day trip to Tallinn, where the old meets new

After chasing northern lights and meeting Santa in Rovaniemi, Helsinki was a little underwhelming in comparison. Of course, we weren’t searching for city lights so we were biased towards Rovaniemi. Our Finnish friend who stays in Helsinki suggested that we head to Estonia for a day trip!


Took the tram to West Harbour and picked up our online Tallink tickets. Prior to the trip I had no idea what to expect. Hearing the word ‘ferry’, I instantly thought of those bumpy tiny ferries so I took some sea sick pills beforehand. And BOOM. It was a full fledged CRUISE SHIP. WHAT.


Very pleasant 2 hour journey with my pill side effect of drowsiness kicking in. The cruise was massive and had free wifi. Time passed too easily.

Reached the harbour of Tallinn! We were greeted by my travel buddy’s awesome Estonian friend. Luckily for us, she was free for the day to bring us around. What better way to do a Tallinn 4-hour crash course than with a local, right?

Plus, I did not know any single thing about Estonia. So whilst reading some brochures, I learnt that Skype and KaZaA was actually invented here! SO random but cool! Apparently, this city is a leader in technology, like.. the Silicon Valley of Europe. But we were all about exploring its old town for this trip.

estonia-26First stop was Kumu Art Museum but unfortunately it was closed that day!

Apparently, this is the Estonian president’s house. Very random. I thought it would be more barricaded but it looks pretty casual with heavy Grand Budapest Hotel vibes.

We continued to walk around the old town. Our friend brought us to check out some hipster cafes and damn.. this particular cafe is like the hipster mecca. I couldn’t tell whether it was hipster or legitly antique. I’m guessing the latter.


Got to the main part of town and I felt like I was transported back to the Shakespearean era with the whole “ye olde” sign thing going on. SO MEDIEVAL.


Honestly didn’t know where we were walking because I wasn’t keep tracking. We were too busy taking photos and talking. I wouldn’t even be able to re-walk the same route as we did. Somehow, we ended up on the hilltop overlooking the whole Tallinn old town. Spectacular!


This concludes our 4-hour crash tour in Tallinn! Back to Helsinki!

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