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12 Must See Places in Southern Iceland

Driving along the famous Ring Road of Iceland is definitely bucket list material. These are the must-sees of southern Iceland!

Driving the Ring Road is definitely bucket list material! However, not everyone has the luxury of time. I think the Ring Road can be driven comfortably in 7 days, but to really explore, you might probably need two weeks.

So, naturally, we tried to cover the southern areas of Iceland, along with the famed Golden Circle. Here are the must-sees!


BEFORE I BEGIN… 馃檪 Here’s a map for your reference. The furthest west would be Reykjanes and Keflavik, and furthest east, Jokulsarlons Glacier.


#1 Blacksand Beach


Situated at the southern-most tip of Iceland is this famous Blacksand Beach! Its columnar basalt is unlike any other beach. So strange, but so beautiful. Be wary of the strong waves though!

Google Maps:

#2 S贸lheimasandur plane wreck


In 1973, this abandoned American DC plane ran out of fuel and crashed onto the shores of Iceland. So haunting. Getting there is one hell of a ride! Bumpy snowy conditions in our 4WD, braving crazy Iceland winds – it was definitely worth it.

NOTE!!!!!! As of March 2016, landowners have banned access to vehicles so you have to walk 4km to get to the plane from the entrance.

Google Maps:
Entrance to the wreck:

#3 Reykjanes Cliffs


This is actually my favorite place in Iceland and we found it by accident! If you’re a sucker for beaches, cliffs and beautiful massive waves, this is the place to be. So dramatic. It’s very near Blue Lagoon so if you want to explore more, definitely head here. It is one of the places to watch Northern Lights at night too, so I’ve heard.

Google Maps:

#4 J枚kuls谩rl贸n Glacier Lagoon


Of course, one of the must-dos if you have time to head further east to see this huge glacial lake. So surreal to be stepping on icebergs!

Google Maps:

#5 J枚kuls谩rl贸n Beach


On the shore side of Jokulsarlon comes a pleasant surprise. This beach looks like it’s littered with diamonds!

Google Maps:

#6 Icelandic horses


You’d definitely see these cutiepies on the side of the road. There are various house farms along the Ring Road. So cute and mild mannered!!!

#7 Dyrh贸laey


Dyrh贸laey is situated nearby the Blacksand Beach and it’s another dramatic cliff and massive waves situation. It feels quite surreal here!

Google Maps:

#8 Sk贸gafoss


One of the must-see waterfalls of Iceland. There is almost always a rainbow to add that touch of magic to your photos 馃槈

Google Maps:

#9 Blue Lagoon


Possibly the most popular Iceland attraction, situated nearby the airport. If you’ve got some time to kill before flying off, then take a quick dip in this hot spring! Of course, there are other less commercialized hotsprings scattered around the country but… it’s for convenience, I guess?

Google Maps:

#10 Gullfoss


The largest waterfall in Europe is right here on Iceland! Its size really makes you feel so insignificant. However, I came here during beginning of March and some of the trails nearer to the waterfall are closed to visitors. It might be better to come here during summer or a clearer day, where you get a bonus of a rainbow once more!

Google Maps:

#11 Geysir


Part of the Golden Circle tour, the geysir eruptions can shoot boiling water up to 70 metres in the air! Much like Gullfoss, it is perhaps less underwhelming when the skies are clearer. I found my photos to be less dramatic than in summer, as the colors of the boiling water sort of blended in with the snow and grey skies. Same like Thingvellir, which is why I did not mention it at all.. but of course, the hitting the 3 Golden Circle attractions is pretty obvious anyways.

geysir.jpgHere’s a waaaay better photo (not by me) to save the day.

Google Maps:

#12 All the beauty along the Ring Road


EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! So many photogenic spots all around, it’s impossible to NOT stop along the road to take any photos hehe!
Enjoy your road trip!

Read about the rest of my Iceland trip!


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