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Iceland in 5 Days (Part 2)

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Hi! Read on for Part 2 of my Iceland adventures!

Travel dates: 2nd March – 7th March 2016

We picked February and March to travel Norway, Finland and Iceland due to the increased chances of seeing the Northern Lights (or so they say) and of course, having reasonable amount of daylight in Iceland for our roadtrip.

Quick Reference

Weather and climate: Temperature hovers around 0 degrees celcius, which is really not to bad as compared to its arctic neighbours. There were still plenty of snow on the road and all around, but driving in it was manageable (even for a first timer like me). The wind was obviously nuts!!!

Car rental: We rented a Kia Sportage 4WD (Automatic transmission) for a total of 68500ISK (~SGD750) including insurance and studded tyres via BlueCarRental and they are pretty good! Airport pickup available – just remember to choose Keflavik (KEF) airport instead of Reykjavik Airport if you are flying international!

Accommodation (airbnb links): Hafnarfjörður, Vik area, and Reykjavik area

Day 3 (4th March)


Set off at about 8am to Jokulsarlon (Google Maps link) and I was dreading the sun glare again!! But actually it was fine because we weren’t facing the sun directly. However, we finally experienced Iceland’s erratic weather and YUP IT’S TRUE! Can’t predict it at all. There is virtually no point of checking any weather app because it’s different everywhere. Whilst on the way to Jokulsarlon, the landscape was covered with snow but on the way back, the scenery changed again!


Sometimes the sky will be so clear and blue, and sometimes it would be completely covered, much like its roads. So much concentration may be needed if you are not familiar with the road or it’s your first time driving in snowy conditions, so better get some sufficient rest!

Before Jokulsarlon comes Skaftafell (Google Maps link), a massive national park home to mountains, glaciers and ice caves. Get ready to hike to see the beauty this land of fire and ice has to offer. We weren’t prepared for any sort of hiking, didn’t book any tours and didn’t even read up on any background on the ice caves and waterfall hike so we only walked for about half an hour to this part, and left. How silly!!!


BUT YEAH. Sort of regretted not doing that. I’m not sure what got into us. After reading about it like a month after our Iceland trip it is then I realized we’ve sort of… missed out big time. Check out these beautiful photos of Svartifoss and ice cave!

Photo credit

Photo credit: Einar Sigurdsson (his gallery is amazing)

So so so lovely! Be sure to not miss out on this one! I’ll be back for it someday.


Lots of cute Icelandic ponies and beautiful landscapes along the way, of course.


Arrived at Jokulsarlon after four hours of driving (that includes all the pit-stops and random photo taking, again) and the place was bigger than I expected. However, the only ‘photographable’ part of the icebergs were limited to one corner away from the entrance. That’s where you can stand on the icebergs near to the shore and pose! I think the icebergs are constantly changing so there are probably times where there were way more icebergs than what we saw. SPOT THE SEALS IN THE PHOTO ABOVE! (I didn’t even notice them for the first 15minutes, lol)


I wish I could hop on the icebergs and prance to the seals and chill with them, but nope.. That was one of the items on the “don’t be a stupid tourist” list.

On the other side of the Jokulsarlon glacier is the Jokulsarlon beach. We drove over to the other side of the road. The parking is literally on ice – sorta have to be careful here.


They practically looked like diamonds scattered all over the black beach. Made my photos looked so monochromatic! It’s best to view them against the sun in the background, so that way the light shines through and you can see how crystal clear the ice are!

This was pretty much our Day 3 and I’m sure we could’ve gone further up to the east or even north, but we decided to head back to check out what we’ve missed, like taking selfies with the ponies and all that frivolous jazz. There is definitely more room for even more activities and attractions!

Click here to read Part 3!

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