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Scuba Diving in El Nido, Palawan

Diving in El Nido turned out to be more amazing than I initially anticipated! With so many AMAZING dive sites around Philippines, such as my dive trip to Malapascua, El Nido is not the obvious dive destination.

We picked El Nido over Coron, even though I heard that Coron diving is better as there are so many wreck sites to choose from. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t expecting much because I was more of a ‘big fish’ kind of girl, but I still wanted to see more turtles. AND WE SAW SO MANY DURING OUR DIVES! Soooo… I am very happy.

Also, read about how to get to El Nido from Singapore if you don’t already know!

Dive shop

So many dive shops around El Nido town and we picked Submariner Diving Centre (website link) simply because it had the best reputation on TripAdvisor and other review websites. We walked over to the shop to register and get fitted. It was conveniently on the beachfront and easy to find. Friendly people, friendly divemasters and boat crew. They are a bunch of fun and easy going people, with smiles all around. Highly recommended!!!


Dive Sites

We did 5 dives over 2 days. Decided to skip the 6th one, and went to snorkel and relax on the boat instead!

1st Dive – Paradise (sandy bottom, but lots of different fishes to see)
2nd Dive – North Rock
3rd Dive – Abdeems
4th Dive – Nat Nat (drift dive, so much to see, abundant sea life)
5th Dive – Helicopter Island (absolutely beautiful corals, lots to see too)


On the second dive, we came across a turtle and I was absolutely excited!! (Sorry, I still can’t tell the difference between a hawksbill turtle and a green turtle, your expertise would be greatly appreciated!) Amazing corals around El Nido. Glistening under the sunrays… so vibrant and colorful!


On the second day, we came across even more turtles. Even managed to get selfies and up close with some of them. They are such peaceful and adorable creatures!


We came across so many different fishes it was hard to keep track… I’m just gonna list it all from my divelog (you can skip this part lmao), with huge help from my divemaster of course. We saw…

Green turtles, damsel fish, plant fish, trumpet fish, puffer fish, crocodile needle fish, trigger fish, jaw fish, remora, lion fish, blue spotted stingray, cornet fish, box fish, bat fish, lobster, seashell, flounder, hellsfire anemone, cat fish… AND SO ON.


We didn’t see any big animals on this dive trip but it was super fun hanging with the turtles and swimming around such beautiful corals! I really enjoyed it. El Nido is so beautiful, on land and under the sea. So happy!


We snorkelled and relaxed on the boat while we waited for the other divers to complete their 3rd dive of the day (we only did two). We even saw more turtles whilst snorkelling! Haha loved it. Thank you El Nido, you truly are a tropical gem.

Done with two days of scuba diving, and on with two days of island hopping!

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7 comments on “Scuba Diving in El Nido, Palawan

  1. ANG GANDA! Your photos are amazing! Makes me want to fly there asap. 🙂


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  4. if you had to choose between malapascua and el nido diving, which was better?


    • Malapascua, hands down – because of the thresher sharks and caves, etc.

      For me El Nido diving was nice and easy but it was mostly shallow and didn’t see many big fishes (if you like those kind)


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