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Boracay’s famous ‘White Beach’

Having been to a few of Southeast Asia’s popular beach destinations, I still feel that the award for the most beautiful beach goes to Boracay’s White Beach!!!!!! This gorgeous beach in Philippines is really a #nofilter required kinda spot!


If you are planning a vacation to Boracay, you should definitely stay on Station 2 for the sake of convenience, such as its close vicinity to restaurants, amenities, etc. I don’t think the beauty of the beach is compromised. Despite its crowd, the pristine white sand and gorgeous colour of the sea stays.

Of course, if you hate the maddening crowds then you should opt for anywhere far away from Station 2. We stayed at The District Boracay (website link) which is one of the more decent resorts along Station 2. Modern, clean and great location.


But honestly, the best part of staying at The District is the extremely photogenic orange umbrellas and sunbeds right in front of the resort entrance. Only available to guests so you can lounge all day and just stare at the beautiful shore!


The resort entrance. See the beach reflection?


After visiting Boracay, I’ve learnt that the color of the sky is extremely important in how your photos turn out. Kinda like common sense, but I’ve never noticed. With Boracay’s White Beach, it’s super obvious. The moment the skies turned grey, the shore lost its vibrant two tone color.

THE CHANGE IS SOOOO DRAMATIC. You need to see it for yourself.

So if you care about your Instagram game, better watch out for the grey skies! Only the deep blue skies can help you bring out the true beauty of the White Beach.


So… I’m still in search of the next Southeast Asian beach that can beat this beach in terms of aesthetics. Let’s not take the crowd into account, I mean… secrets will eventually get out, right? 🙂

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