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Inverdoorn – Big 5 Safari near Cape Town


We only had a week in South Africa and safari was OBVIOUSLY on the must-do list. If we had the luxury of time, we would’ve tried somewhere like Kruger National Park but we needed somewhere close to Cape Town, and so we picked Inverdoorn Game Reserve.

It was one of the very few safaris that seemed decent, but most importantly, it offered the ‘Big Five‘! We booked a package directly with Inverdoorn.

Total pax: 3 of us
Cost: R5490 or SGD580 (works out to be around SGD195 per pax)
Package includes: One nights’ accommodation, 3 meals and 2 safaris
Visited during: Beginning of September 2015
Weather: Chilly (winter’s not over, spring wasn’t here either)

Getting there

We arrived at Inverdoorn at around 12 noon (they requested this timing in the schedule that they gave us). The drive took us about three hours from Cape Town. Instructions were provided by the hotel, but we still got lost anyway. You know why? BECAUSE WE WERE FOLLOWING GOOGLE MAPS INSTEAD! One advice, stop using it maybe half an hour before you’re about to reach because Google Maps totally sent us off to some dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know why we were too silly to not bother with the pdf instructions haha.


Happy to be greeted in such a surreal setting. The whole area has got some serious hipster, photogenic, desert vibes. Chilled under the tent while we were being checked in, and also hurriedly typing in the wifi login details provided by the lodge.


I’m in love with the cactus garden!

So, we had buffet lunch at the safari restaurant after checking in. The spread was surprisingly delicious! I didn’t get any photos but it tasted quite… Asian. Rice, curry, but modified versions of them. Super yummy.

At around 3.30pm, we set off in an open 4X4 for our first ever safari!

The Safari Experience

We had one afternoon safari on the day of arrival, and the early morning after. It was ridiculously chilly in the morning though. The strong winds were unforgiving. I was shivering the whole way until the sun started to warm us up. So remember your coats! Also, your sunnies because the sand will get all over your eyes.


We took a short bumpy ride to meet our first animal, the cheetahs!! We got a bit of an action as the cheetahs started circling around the nearby 4X4’s haha. So cool.


I’m so glad I brought my telephoto lens, because it will be quite difficult to get a close up of the animal without proper zoom lenses. Sometimes they may not be as near as you’d like them to be. So remember your telephoto lenses if you intend on getting these type of photos!


Of course we had to meet the kings of the jungle! Our guide was giving us background info on these lions that were once held captive, and how they saved them. It was so sad knowing that these lions didn’t know how to hunt for themselves because they were caged and fed by humans their whole lives. I hope these animal rescue efforts continue.

Anyway, it was difficult to get a good look at the lions because they were totally in their own chill zone haha. Once again, the telephoto lens has saved the day!


Never had there been a more peaceful moment just watching the cute elephants roam around the grasslands. These elephants used to be on movie sets!


What a great experience. Visiting a safari game reserve in South Africa is definitely a must-do item, and it goes without saying. I would highly recommend Inverdoorn, especially if you needed somewhere close to Cape Town! Have fun!



8 comments on “Inverdoorn – Big 5 Safari near Cape Town

  1. Really enjoyed this post. We are heading to Cape Town in August and are really interested in going on safari so found this post very helpful 😁


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  3. May i know how do you do the booking for Inverdoorn safari ?


  4. Hi,

    May I ask how long it took you to drive there from Cape Town accommodation and why you drove there instead of being picked up and dropped off?

    Thank you.


    • Hi, we drove there ourselves because we were also hitting a lot of other places in Cape Town. Figured it would be much easier to drive ourselves since it is quite OK to drive there too (coming from Singapore roads). In our trip, we went all the way to the East for whale watching and shark cage diving, then we also drove all the way down to the must-see Cape Peninsula to see Cape Point, and penguins, etc. then up north to the Safari.

      So it was actually quite convenient with a car! The drive took around 2.5 hours from Cape Town city itself 🙂


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